• Martin Bullard

A huge welcome in Germany

I have to admit to being a little anxious about how well Smokie would be accepted in Germany following Terry’s death. This was a huge territory for the original line up in the 70’s and it continued to be good for us at The Oldies Festivals while Terry was with us. But now we have a new start, albeit with two band members who have been part of Smokie for the last thirty four years, which is much longer than the original members. All that aside, the new show is slicker, more entertaing and features songs that we never played until now. But would the audience appreciate it? Well, I can tell you that the response has been mighty and overwhelming. The Germans have adopted the new Smokie with open arms and relish the thought of our return. Explaining to the audience that it was Terry’s wish that the band continues after his death, it is clear to everyone in the venue that this is a continuation of the band that has the full blessing of the last original member. No longer do I need to worry about how well we can go down in this very important country, but I realise that there is a clear desire for Smokie to continue to bring the music that so helped to shape the 70’s and beyond, and this was clear at AMO Kulturhaus in Magdeburg, Stadthalle in Rostock and Alter Schlachthof in Dresden. The tour continues on Thursday in Halle (Saale) after a much needed two days of recovery at home.

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