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High pressure, no pressure

We have come to the end of a very intense working period that has seen us doing twenty percent of our year’s work in a single month, alternating between shows in Denmark and Sweden. Over this sort of period the show reaches its peak in performance and that’s exactly what happened during the last two shows in Trollhattan and Gothenburg. The mood was heightened by a period of high pressure weather, bringing clear sunny skies and some very fresh air to invigorate and awaken the body after what has seemed a very long winter. In Sweden the bars were back in full flow and, as I left the hotel to go to the airport at 4 a.m. there were still many revellers with a few hours of drinking ahead of them. In these Northerly latitudes it’s the daylight that sets the agenda. The band can be proud of our achievement since the passing of Terry and it’s clear that there’s still a thirst for Smokie music and for the group of individuals who serve it to the public. We now take a break before resuming in Iceland on 27th May.

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