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In the land of fire and ice

The success of Smokie’s albums in the late 1980’s in Norway laid the groundwork for other associated territories, Iceland being one of them. Our early shows at Hotel Island were completely mobbed and resembled the over packed venues in Ireland where safety was not top of the agenda. After 2003 there was a twelve year hiatus with no visits to Iceland until the opening of Harpa Concert Hall and Convention Centre in 2015, a venue we have so far played five times, including last night, and one that looks likely to be a regular feature on our date sheet. Last time we visited we still had Terry with us and it was one of his last concerts. Also, it was still compulsory for the audience to wear face masks at that time so last night it was a refreshing change to see their faces again. The audience occupied all four tiers of this impressive venue and, as they turned on their phone torches, it was like looking at stars in a night sky. At sixty six degrees north there is no darkness at this time of year and Reykjavik appeared to carry on partying well into the small hours. I can now enjoy a full four days at home before resuming in Ireland on Friday.

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Anna Smuidre
Anna Smuidre
May 29, 2023

I love Ireland. 💚

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