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Back in 1998 Smokie played so many shows in Sweden that it looked like we were in danger of over playing a market that meant so much to us. As a commodity our record company and promoters were determined to squeeze as much out of what they believed were probably the band’s final years. As things have turned out we are still here while many of those people are no longer in business. Nobody could have foreseen a future in which the gigs are sold out and the audience are as keen as ever to return, but that was clearly the case for these last three Swedish dates. Sunny spring weather reigned for the familiar Jonkoping and Helsingborg shows, switching overnight to rain before our journey to Malmo, where we played Slagthusets Teater for the first time. One thing that all three shows had in common was the reaction of the audiences. They clearly enjoy the humour onstage and the set that embraces all the decades of music since Smokie’s beginnings. Now there is just time to get that laundry done before flying out to Denmark on Wednesday and resuming the Scandinavian section of The Legacy Tour.

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