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More of Austria

I used to wonder why we don’t do more gigs in Austria. Each time we played here we loved being in this country and wanted to reach out to more of the Austrian people but there were no tours of any length, just one off shows and occasionally two. This week saw my wish come true as we sold out some of the most impressive venues in this scenic country, including Kufstein Fortress and Kasematten-Schlossbergbuhne in Graz. Here the mountains are high, the rivers are wide and the beer is excellent. From our castle viewpoints the towns have looked like scale models and, just as you think you’ve reached the highest point, you can look up to see yet another impressive building that’s almost in the clouds. Talking of clouds, we’re not seeing any evidence of summer just yet but we live in hope of blue skies and warm days to make outdoor life a little more appealing. Under cover we have enjoyed some of the best audience reactions anywhere in the world. There’s something exhilarating about breathing fresh mountain air during the day then hitting the stage at night to a thoroughly receptive audience. Having left fans and promoters happy we see dates appearing already in next year’s tour diary so keep a lookout for those if you want to come and get your Smokie fix. One thing is for sure, we are likely to see more of Austria in future.

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