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Nordic Trio

Back in Norway again we carved a familiar trail, starting at Kulturhus in Sandnes. The big relief was that all of the band’s gear made it to Stavanger, after going missing for three days last week. I’m a bit luckier as a keyboard player because my sounds live on a USB key and I can always acquire a MacBook in an emergency, but guitarists need their familiar instrument to be comfortable on a gig. Our Sandnes audience were in good voice and, no doubt, happy to be indoors out of the rain. Following the same route as in 2018 we headed for Haugesund and a very welcome night off. This is when the band go out and, at some stage in the evening, end up in the same hostelry. In this case it was Folken Puben that drew our attention, the Guinness being more than acceptable and the football game entertaining. On Friday we hit the stage once more at Festiviteten, Haugesund’s premier venue and a great place to get the audience out of their seats. An early show gave us plenty of recovery time, after a few games of pool and customary pizzas, to prepare for the slightly longer journey to Bergen for last night’s show at Grieghallen. I don’t think I’m overstating the matter by saying that this concert was the best we have ever performed at this lovely venue as well as the best show of the Norwegian tour. There was magic in the air and both band and audience contributed to this very special atmosphere. It’s not over yet and our final show in Norway will be at Oslo Konserthus on Friday 21st October. Now for some recovery time.

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