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Out in the open air

It’s festival season and we have the best weather as an accompaniment. Just being back in Norway is enough to put a smile on your face but to also have continuous sunshine makes the whole experience even sweeter. These are not the largest of venues but Norway is a country with a small population, so any festival with over a thousand people counts as a success. Both Alesund and Sandane exceeded this number and the audience reactions were magnificent. The addition of “Boulevard of broken dreams” and “I just died in your arms tonight” took the show to a new high point and the frenzy continued all the way to the end of the performance. After thirty five years in the band I have seen nearly all of Norway yet this was our first concert in Sandane. Our next shows, in two weeks’ time, will also be in Norway on more well trodden territory and, in the meantime, I shall return to The Highlands to continue watering some extremely dry gardens.

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