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Returning to Germany

After a two month break the band returned to Germany for our second appearance this year. While our nation mourned the loss of our queen we prepared for the show at the magnificent Laeiszhalle in Hamburg. The venue is most notably the host of many orchestral performances, the acoustics being perfect for delivering a balanced sound, but Smokie brought a different type of sound to this remarkable place, and one that was very well received. Bearing in mind Hamburg’s musical pedigree, it was a great place to start the tour. The next day found us on the long journey eastwards to Cottbus where we played at Stadthalle. Autumn weather brought beautiful sunrises with a new freshness in the air after the recent high temperatures. With most of the travel out of the way, it only remained to make the short journey to Chemnitz to be in place for the final show at Stadthalle, but not until we had enjoyed two nights off in this great city. Any time off on tour is to be savoured, and Chemnitz had plenty to offer those with time to spare. It had been nine years since our last appearance at Stadthalle and absence appeared to make hearts grow fonder as our audience showed us their appreciation. Their enthusiasm left a happy last impression of our time spent in Germany and we now look to a 10-date tour in September and October 2023, tickets for which have already gone on sale.

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