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Spring in the step in Denmark

It’s always good to get your feet under the table and that was the case as I checked in at the Scandic Falkoner in Frederiksberg, an attractive suburb of Copenhagen that is a comfortable walking distance from the city centre. Some decent spring weather made my stay particularly pleasant as I explored as much of the city and surroundings as I could squeeze in before gigs. The first show was at Portalen in Greve, a short journey down the east coast and a venue that we played on the last Danish tour. The show set the mood nicely for this three day sellout tour. On the second night we played the also familiar Docken, a venue in Copenhagen that is a little off the beaten track but still attracts plenty of punters. The venue is notorious for splitting the audience into seating on one side and standing at the other side of a barrier that runs the length of the hall. This effectively challenges each section to compete with each other in reacting to the show, a situation that is both strange as well as being an opportunity to get the best out of our audience. Travelling west again, we arrived in Vejle, a city we haven’t seen since 2018, and spent an easy afternoon at the Musikteater, there being no hotel until after the show. This show will stay in our minds as probably the best show of the tour and one of those in which both the band and the audience were on top form. We now leave Denmark for a few days while we continue with some Swedish dates at the end of next week and I believe there is finally some warmer weather to come that will make those explorations even more enjoyable. Time to get those trainers back on.

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