• Martin Bullard

The Danish Tour begins

The tour began with a show at Portalen in Greve where one question waited to be answered - how would the Danish people react to Smokie’s new line up? It took only minutes to answer this question and our audience gave us a massive response. Armed with new confidence, as well as new material, we pushed on to Viborg where a familiar venue, Tinghallen, was heaving with 1,500 people, all keen to get back into the swing of live music in general and Smokie in particular. Now we knew for sure that Denmark was ready for us and fully accepted that we continue as a band, in accordance with Terry’s wishes. He is with us much more than in spirit because his bass guitar, as well as his glass of red wine, adorn the stage at every show and remind us that it is through knowing this charismatic man that we exist today as a band, and one that is now going from strength to strength. Could we be prepared for the regular flow of good news as concerts sell out and audiences cheer us on as if we are Olympic athletes?There can be no better measure of their enthusiasm than the applause, the cheering and tuneful singing with which they reward our appearance in these great venues around Denmark. In Viborg they told us that the next venue, Fuglsocentret in Knebel, was in a very remote place. What a surprise when we arrived to find such an impressive venue in such a beautiful location next to the sea, and then to find a full house of punters who couldn’t wait to get on their feet. We are now half way through the Danish tour and next year’s tour plan is already taking shape. The conclusion is that they want us back in Denmark and it can’t come soon enough. To say that Smokie is riding high is to understate just how well things are going for us and early signs are that we are, once again, due to be a very busy band.

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