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The frozen north

There’s nothing like a dose of cold air to make you feel alive. Not everyone gets to walk on a frozen lake but, for myself, I had that opportunity while playing in Lulea at the Kulturens Hus. It doesn’t seem long since the whole band were gazing down from the mezzanine bar at the open air stage and fairground, sipping beer on a night with no darkness. The contrasts are enormous in Sweden, making it a great tourist destination yet, for us, it is as familiar as our own country. The welcome was warm and the reaction enthusiastic both in Lulea and in Umea at the Folkets Hus. A year ago we were wondering how well our new line up would be received and now we are left in no doubt that the Swedes are loving what they are hearing and intend to return for some more. It’s not over yet because we return to Sweden one more time next week before moving on to other parts of Scandinavia. Maybe next week we can get away with one less layer of clothes to keep warm. The calendar says it’s Spring.

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