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Smokie therapy

Last weekend I saw old friends from all parts of Europe and Scandinavia, all of whom descended on Hamburg to hear Smokie perform. They all have their own stories about their experiences over the years but there’s one thing they all had in common - they all needed their dose of Smokie medicine to feel good and, in some cases, they could not achieve that in their own country in 2024. The world has changed, business has changed and previously closed opportunities have opened again, meaning that the world has finally opened its doors again after the pandemic and we now have a lot more choice of countries in which to play. This year sees us returning to many of those places and, in one case so far, playing to a record breaking crowd. I am feeling the great sense of elation that the fans describe when they say they just have to be there and enjoy an evening with the band. Maybe it’s more than just music, perhaps it’s therapy as well. Entertainment has always been a form of escape from worldly cares and never more has there been a need to find comfort in troubled times. I am very fortunate to be part of a band that delivers a show that brings so much happiness to people, myself included. I am sure I shall see all of those familiar people again many times in my career and we can resume our therapy session with a bunch of their favourite songs.

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