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The finale of Legacy 2023

It seems early for an end of year break but that’s what we now have, giving us plenty of time for other ventures before resuming in Ireland in February. The shows we played on our 2023 Legacy Tour have all been received with the utmost enthusiasm by our appreciative audiences and the new lineup has won the approval of fans around the world who are now used to seeing a younger face amongst us, a measure that we needed to take after losing Terry. It was always the case that the name is greater than any individuals and this has proven to be a saying on which we can rely. I believe that the mixture of great musicianship, camaraderie and general good humour have contributed to the band’s success coupled, of course, with the legacy of a dozen classic hits. Our fans have been supportive throughout all the changes, for which I am eternally grateful, and they’ve changed and grown with us, relating events in their lives with songs that defined the times. Are we the luckiest men alive? It certainly feels that way and, regardless of all the obstacles we encounter, we always end up on that stage having a wonderful time and getting the same back from the audience. Long may it continue and thank you to everyone who still enjoys listening to Smokie.

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